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Alumni organization of the Department for Advanced Undergraduate Studies was established in 1998 and today has 1037 students. The goal of the Alumni organization is to bring together former students of the Department for Advanced Undergraduate Studies in order to strengthen the network of young educated leaders who will occupy important positions in various sectors of society and thus participate in the process of transition towards democracy and market economy. In this way, the Belgrade Open School fulfills its mission – investing in human resources.

The quality of BOS programmes, the knowledge and skills that students acquire during their education at BOS become excellent recommendations for promising jobs in many areas. Members of the Alumni Organization of Belgrade Open School are employed at universities, in companies, banks, government institutions, NGOs and political parties.

The fact that they took classes at Belgrade Open School is a recommendation for these young people, so BOS students easily find employment.

School diploma certifies that the person has a strong intellectual capacity, is open, curious, and democratically oriented, able to cope with the challenges of a society in transition and ready to make changes in their environment.

After democratic changes took place in the country, a significant number of the BOS alumni has been contributing to the development and reform of the Serbian society through the work of ministries, state institutions, courts and embassies. Currently former BOS students, members of the Alumni Organization, work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Agency for Privatization, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Office for European Integration of Serbia, National Bank, embassies, courts and other institutions of state administration.

A significant number of Alumni (31%) are civil society organizations and political parties activists, and were particularly active during the election campaign in 2000.

Following the establishment of the democratic government in the country, some of them moved to the state administration. Some of them participate in local governance, several students are members of the City Hall. After they graduated from BOS, some students have decided to establish non-governmental organizations themselves, which is understandable when one considers the mission of the school to make its students active citizens in society.

Also, BOS students work in international organizations such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation, the International war crimes tribunal in The Hague, the World Bank, the Regional Environmental Center etc.

The largest number of former students of the BOS (34%) works in the non-profit sector. They also work in leading banks, consulting companies, brokerage firms, pharmaceutical industry, construction companies, publishing houses, law firms. BOS alumni have built their careers in companies such as PricewatherhouseCoopers, Deloitte, McKinsy & Co., Microfinance Bank, Societe General Bank, Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Delta Corporation, British American Tobacco. Some of them have established companies that became market leaders.

A significant number of BOS alumni (12%) teach at universities and are research institutes fellows. This is not surprising, because they are the most talented university students. They are in a position to influence the development and modernization of universities by spreading different methods. BOS assistants are students, professors, and associate professors at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mining and Geology, Faculty of Physical Education.

Six percent of students are in graduate school. So far, over 30.3% of BOS Alumni got their MA’s, 10% of whom got them abroad.

A significant number of Alumni are Ron Brown scholars who have completed postgraduate studies in the United States, while others have done so in the UK (Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham), Italy (European University in Florence, University of Bologna), Hungary (Central European University), Belgium (College of Europe in Bruges), the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Germany. After graduation, they have returned to the country and taught in universities or worked in public administration and in non-profit sector.

Presidency of the Alumni organization, composed of representatives of all generations of DAUS, works to improve the Alumni Network. In order to effectively communicate and rapidly exchange information with members, the Alumni Organization has recently set up an online social networking alumni.bos.rs and Internet forum.


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