The emergence of the Future Studies, as well as its development, follows the formation and development of the Belgrade Open School.

Belgrade Open School since 1993.

Belgrade Open School was created in November 1993 as an educational program of Credibel bank dedicated to the most talented students of economics and psychology. In the period from October 1996 to June 1998 a "main program" was organized and Belgrade Open School was received to the Network of institutions for Assistance Program of  Higher Education under Open Society Institute (HESP Network Institutions, Open Society Institute). From October 1998 to June 2000 there were two parallel programs ongoing in the School - "Main Program" and "Open program".

Belgrade Open School since 2000.

In the period from October 2000 to June 2007 two programs were organized: "The main program" and "Program of the European Union and the Balkans." Backbone of the "General program" were multi-disciplinary modules in the field of social sciences and humanities, modules and skills tutoring program, while the program "The European Union and the Balkans" was based on the analysis and interpretation of the legal, political, economic and cultural aspects of the development of the european idea and EU integration process. This type of program has not existed in the formal educational system of Serbia. 

Belgrade Open School since 2007.

One-year academic program "Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Studies" was organized in the period from October 2007 to June 2012. It was designed for selected senior students, who wanted to expand their knowledge in the field of civic culture, the values of civil society and European integration, as well as to acquire skills which they can use in their future professional work.

Belgrade Open School since 2012.

The "Future Studies" begins to be implemented from the academic year 2012/2013 and aims to introduce students to the major global trends and challenges faced by the modern world. This program should provide an answer to the question of how to shape the modern society following the experiences of the past and by opening up the issues of fateful importance for the social, cultural, political and anthropological development of modern man.


The classroom where activities are carried on DAUS is located in space of the Belgrade Open School, in the left wing of the 16th floor of the Palace of Belgrade. Equipped with the latest technology for conducting modern teaching - video-beam projector, sound system and equipment for translation. Classroom capacity is 40 people.

Belgrade Open School has a computer lab that is in continuous development and improvement. Today BOS's computer classroom has 30 computers of the latest generation with a few servers that provide Internet connection, e-mail correspondence and data management. On the server there are several chat services, blogs, and a large number of forums, which are mainly used for BOS’s  programs of e-learning, and also forum of alumni organization of BOS and online databases designed for alumni of the BOS. Computer classrooms are available to the students of the BOS, alumni, lecturers and associates.

Belgrade Open School is located in the Palace of Belgrade (Beogradjanka), Masarikova 5, on the 16th floor.

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