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Alumni organization of the Department for Advanced Undergraduate Studies was founded in 1998 and today has 1,065 students. The aim of Alumni organization is to connect alumni of the Department for Advanced Undergraduate Studies in order to strengthen the network of young educated leaders who will occupy important positions in different sectors of society and thus participate in the process of transition to democracy and a market economy.

Quality of BOS programmes, knowledge and skills that students acquire during their education in BOS become exceptional recommendations for promising jobs in a number of areas. Members of the Alumni Organization of Belgrade Open School are employed at universities, institutes, companies, banks, government institutions, NGOs and political parties.

A large number of alumni has built or continues to build their career abroad, where they work for large corporations, the World Bank, the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, etc. A significant number of BOS alumni work as professors on universities or as associates of scientific institutes. They are in a position to spread different working methods, affecting the development and modernization of universities. BOS students are assistant professors, associate professors and full professors at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Geology and Faculty of Physical Education. However, the majority of alumni is working in the profit sector in the Republic of Serbia. So, they work in leading banks, consulting firms, brokerage houses, law firms, pharmaceutical industry, construction companies, etc.


A significant number of alumni have completed, or are completing post-graduate studies in the United States, the United Kingdom (Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham), Italy (European University of Florence, University of Bologna), Hungary (Central European University), Belgium (European College Bruges), the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Germany.

Presidency of Alumni organization is composed of representatives of all generations of the program DAUS. In order to have successful communication and rapid exchange of information between members of the Alumni organization, group of Alumni BOS is created on LinkedIn. Join the group!


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