BOS at the education fair "Zvonce"

Belgrade open school (BOS) presented its programs intended for young people at the education fair „Zvonce“, which lasted from 28th of October until 1st of November 2015. as a part of 60. International book fair at Belgrade fair.

BOS’s presented at its booth opportunities for studying abroad, educational programs as a part of extracurricular informal education and opportunities for attending internship programs.

- Belgrade open school through counseling for studying abroad and administering scholarships for Central-european University in Budapest aims to strengthen academic community and academic specialization in Serbia – explains Ana Stevanović, educational advisor at BOS. Students that visited the Fair were introduced with the Central-European University in Budapest, programs that are offered at the University as well as the possibilities for getting a scholarship. It was also pointed out that the students always have a possibility to come for individual consultation with our educational advisor and ask all the questions that they have overseen.

Nataša Malinović, coordinator for educational programs pointed out that BOS for 22 years organizes one-year educational programs for talented students. These programs were presented to students at the Fair. BOS’s activities are focused at extracurricular education and networking of chosen students through multidisciplinary academic programs. Students had the opportunity to talk to former as well as current students that attended these programs and get information about the programs from a student’s point of view.

BOS also presented at the Fair two informational and educational portals: BOŠ Karijera and Mingl. Following Mingl, information about courses, studying, workshops, volunteering and scholarships are at your grasp. Both programs were very interesting to numerous highschoolers that visited our booth. Most of their intention was focused at Mingl portal because they were interested in the possibility of writing articles on topics they find interesting which will be published online.

During the fair a panel discusion „What after the graduation: internship or further education?“ was held, where students had a conversation with Bojan Velev, coordinator of the program for advancement of employability of young people in Belgrade open school, Sofija Petrović from Foundation Tempus – Erazmus and offices in Serbia and Ana Stevanović, advisor for academic specialization of Belgrade open school, shared their experiences.

05. Nov 2015.