Belgrade Open School Resources

Belgrade Open School is located in the Palace of Belgrade (''Beograđanka''), Masarikova 5, floor 16.



The School contains seven offices, a classroom, a computer lab and a library.


Belgrade Open School Classroom

Belgrade Open School Classroom is located in the left wing of the 16th floor in the Palace of Belgrade. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to enable the concept of modern education - video-beam projector, sound system and equipment for translation. The classroom can accommodate up to 40 people.




Computer Lab

Belgrade Open School is constantly developping and advancing its Computer Lab. The BOS Computer Lab is equipped with over 30 cutting-edge computers with a couple of servers which provide Internet links, enable e-mail correspondence, DNS and data management. Several chat services, blogs and a variety of forums are available on the BOS server and used mainly for e-learning programmes. There is also an Alumni social network web site as well as an Internet forum. The Computer Lab is at daily disposal of BOS students, alumni, lecturers and associates.





The BOS Library contains a specialised collection of books, journals and magazines from various fields of social sciences and humanities. There are almost 3,000 titles covering psychology, law, economics, sociology, religion, culture, political sciences, philosophy, information sciences, etc. Numerous publications are available in English. BOS students, lecturers and associates have free access to the BOS Library.



The work of the Belgrade Open School centers is supported by professional teams:

  • ICT support
  • Promotion and Communication
  • Finance and Accounting


ICT support

ICT support to the Belgrade Open School is provided by young professionals whose knowledge and professional experience contribute to the work of BOS. ICT support enhances performance and makes a special contribution to the quality of BOS’s programmes by maintaining systems and networks, designing and developping e-learning platforms for students and participants, developping and maintaining web portals for projects and other target groups, creating promotional material etc. All BOS activities and programmes are video recorded and available on interactive CDs, which contain over 50 documentaries and plenty of working material. This multimedia collection thus enables participants to have all the training sources compiled in one place and access them easily. BOS archives provide insight into the development and productivity of BOS programmes as well as a review of all BOS activities. The design and usability of the created multimedia materials enable BOS students to enjoy all the benefits of state-of-the-art information technologies. BOS also designs and maintains highly interactive web sites and other Internet-based educational tools.

A variety of computer courses have been organised for BOS students and other target groups. One of the activities is the maintenance of BOS official web site,, while others include the maintenance of numerous web sites created for various BOS projects: - 



Promotion and Communication

The professional team encharged with the Promotion and Communication contributes to the work of Belgrade Open School by enabling better communication with the public. BOS wants to establish a two-way communication with the aim of informing the public about its activities as well as gathering insights into the needs of the society so that it can respond to them adequately. In cooperation with ICT support, the Promotion and Communication professional team organises and prepares promotional materials, organises special events, press conferences and other activities, enhancing the positive reputation of Belgrade Open School in the public.





Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting professional team contributes to the successful operation of Belgrade Open School through responsible and efficient activities, abiding by the norms and obligations prescribed by the law.