Centre for Capacity Building

Welcome to the website of the Center for Capacity Building (CCB) of the Belgrade Open School.

Belgrade Open School started with the educational programmes in the Department of Civic Education, in 1996: These programmes offered a whole spectrum of knowledge and skills necessary for successful participation in social life to young people who wanted to change society in which they lived, the members of the democratically oriented political parties, trade unions, student and other nongovernmental organizations. After several years, the Department of Civic Education changed its name to the Center for education and training, and then into Center for Capacity Building. Center conducts its activities using modern interactive teaching methods, such as training, workshops and simulations, and classes organized in the form of summer and winter school, weekend seminars and intensive courses.

Center for Capacity Building carried out its activities in several parts:

  • Educational programmes and trainings (designing and implementing educational programs and conducting training and mentoring programs, designed to meet the needs of users);

  • Professional and administrative support (providing technical support for the reform of institutions, policy development, strategic and legal documents, and organizing public events);

  • Other activities of the center (academic and professional development, networking of relevant stakeholders, publishing).

Current Projects