Implemented Projects

ReEnergy – Challenges in Applying European Standards on Creating and Implementing Energy and Environmental Policy in Republic of Serbia

“ReEnergy” is an initiative of Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It is focused on improvement of policy framework for creating energy and environmental policy in Republic of Serbia. Initiative is based on the belief that responsible and sustainable environmental policy must be established with public participation in decision-making, together with the partnership of civil society organizations, business sector and public institutions. By fulfilling the mentioned preconditions, successful implementation of European standards and norms in the area of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources will be achieved. Through this initiative we support the transformation of energy management system in Serbia and creation of environment for bringing the Republic of Serbia closer to realization of “Europa 2020” and “Roadmap 2050” strategic objectives. The focuses of “ReEnergy” initiative are local communities and citizens interests on the local level, as the results of policy implementation are most apparent on local level.

“ReEnergy” initiative has following long-term goals:

  • creation of public policies with citizens participation in early phase of decision-making, particularly in the problem definition phase and when choosing the most suitable option;
  • clean energy – energy production with low emission of carbon dioxide and pollutants;
  • reliable and quality energy supply without threats for environment and people’s health;
  • creation of local development policies according to particular needs of local communities.

“ReEnergy” initiative is being implemented with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation.  

Based on the experience of previous projects of “ReEnergy” initiative and target group’s needs, project “ReEnergy – Challenges in Applying European Standards on Creating and Implementing Energy and Environmental Policy in Republic of Serbia”. Project is focused on strengthening capacities of local self-government units, civil society and media for better understanding and active inclusion and monitoring of energy planning process on local level and their empowerment for project implementation of improving energy policy and infrastructure in their local communities.

Project will be implemented through several activities, such as: training of representatives of local self-government units, civil society organizations and public utilities; creation of policy papers; and study visit to Republic of Croatia.

Project partners:

Friderich Ebert Foundation Office in Belgrade

Time and place of implementation:

Beograd, Zagreb, June – October 2014