18. Mar 2011.

New education programme "Political System of the EU: Policy Making and Legal Framework"

Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School, in association with Human Resource Management Service of Government of the Republic of Serbia and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, started a new cycle of trainings "Political System of the EU: Policy Making and Legal Framework" within the project "European Integration Educational Programme". Trainings will be realised in the premises of Belgrade Open School one day a week starting March 17 until May 5, 2011.

The goal of the programme is to familiarise the participants with the basis of political system of the EU and its legal framework, decision-making process in the EU, and the law mechanisms which regulate the European Union. The main idea is to paint a clear picture of the relationship between national legislation and acquis communautaire, jurisdiction of the EU institutions, supranational character of the EU, the ways in which various EU policies are being created and implemented, and the position of Serbian legislature in that process. Special emphasis will be given to Serbia's accession to the European Union.