05. May 2011.

Discussion "Europeanisation, Identity and Heritage of Nationalism" was held as part of Facing the Future programme

Belgrade Open School held the third discussion within Facing the Future programme on the topic "Europeanisation, Identity and Heritage of Nationalism" on Thursday, May 5th 2011. Discussion was led by Tanja Miscevic, PhD, Ivan Colovic, PhD, and Slobodan Divjak, PhD.

Participants emphasised the necessity of  Europeanisation of Serbian society manifested as a social transformation. This transformation poses a real challenge because it wouldn't be just a declarative support to the process of European integration, but a true change in the thinking and behaving pattern of each individual. 

The whole process of transformation through adoption and promotion of European values and standards is additionally burdened with the heritage of nationalism which is strongly felt not just in Serbia, but in the whole Western Balkan area. Facing this problem and overcoming it are the main preconditions for creating the European identity in this region.

One of discussion conclusions is that future of Europeanisation process in Serbia doesn't imply losing its own identity. It implies imbuing the several different identities together that have a positive effect on our society.

Facing the Future programme consists of five discussions that will be realised in Belgrade Open School premises in the period February - June 2011.