22. Jun 2011.

Desmond Dinan held a lecture at Belgrade Open School

Professor Desmond Dinan held a lecture on the topic "Approaching the European Union: Challenges and Changes in the Western Balkans" in the premises of the Belgrade Open School on June 21st 2011. The lecture was organised by Centre for European Integrations (CEI) Belgrade Open School (BOS) and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).


Professor started the lecture with a brief retrospective of the EU enlargement history, and afterwards debated with the attendants and guest lecturer Ms Milica Delevic, Head of the European Integration Office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, main challenges that Serbia and other countries of the Western Balkans region have to face on their path towards the EU.


Desmond Dinan is Professor of Public Policy and holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy at George Mason University in the USA. He has been an adviser to the European Comission in Brussels and a Visiting Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for International Relations, The Hague. He was a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges campus (1998-2000) and the College of Europe, Natolin Campus (2005-2008). His research interests include the historiography of European integration; the history of the European Union (EU); institutions and governance of the EU; enlargement of the EU; regional integration in the context of globalisation; and prospects for global governance. He has written several books on the EU, most significant among them are "Ever Closer Union?: An Introduction to European Integration" and "Europe Recast: A History of European Union", translated in Serbian as well.