24. Jun 2011.

Adam Balcer held a lecture at Belgrade Open School

Mr Adam Balcer, Centre for European Strategy (http://www.demoseuropa.eu) held a lecture in the premises of Belgrade Open School on the topic "Central Europe and the Western Balkans" on June 23rd 2011. The lecture was organised by Centre for European Integrations (CEI) Belgrade Open School (BOS) and ISAC Fund.


During his lecture, Mr Balcer presented the current relations between the countries of the Western Balkans and the countries of the Visegrad Group (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary), with the special emphasis on the role of Poland, country whose importance has significantly increased in the EU (population of 40 milion people and one of the stablest economies during the global financial crisis). Polish experiences in the process of the EU accession that can help Serbia and other countries in the region, possible ways of strengthening relations between Serbia and Poland, were just some of the topics that Mr Balcer discussed with the attendants.


Mr Balcer visited Serbia on the invitation of the Embassy of Poland in the light of the upcoming Poland's EU presidency starting on July 1st 2011. Adam Belcer is one of the leading experts in Poland for the EU enlargement policy and Eastern Europe and Turkey issues.