01. Dec 2011.

Third Regional Consultative Workshop in Novi Sad

Third Regional Consultative Workshop was held on November 29th 2011 in Novi Sad within the project The Energy of Change - Challenges of energy efficiency in Serbia.

The project is being implemented by the Center for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School in partnership with the Foundation Fridirh Ebert, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Secretariat of Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, Chamber for Environment, sustainable development and cooperation with associations of the City of Kragujevac and the Municipality Median (Nis).

Consultative workshop consisted of introductory presentations on the topic:
- Implementing standards and values of the European Union in the field of energy efficiency in Serbia, Oliver Vitorovic, Serbian European Integration Office
- EE Urban Planning in the AP Vojvodina, Construction and Environmental Protection- Dusanka Sremacki, Secretariat of Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Government of AP Vojvodina
- Energy Efficiency in Serbia as an instrument for economic growth, employment and environmental protection, Aleksandar Macura, an independent consultant

Second part of the consultative workshop was consisted of SWOT analysis workshop where participants analyzed: the capacity of local stakeholders for the implementation of EU standards in energy efficiency, establishing a sustainable practical policy framework for energy efficient communities and multiple use of the positive impact of improving energy efficiency at local and regional level - environmental protection, economic growth and employment.