16. Dec 2011.

Conference: Energy of change - Challenging Energy Efficiency in Serbia was held

Within the project Energy of Change - Challenges of energy efficiency in Serbia, one-day conference was held on December 15th in National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

The project “Energy of Change” – Challenges of energy efficiency in Serbia, is being implemented by The Centre of European Integration of the Belgrade Open School in partnership with the Foundation of Fridrih Ebert, Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Construction and Environmental Protection, Chamber for Environment, sustainable development and cooperation with associations of the City of Kragujevac and the Municipality Median (Nis).

What are the biggest challenges for the effective implementation of energy policy in Serbia? Does Serbia use all its potential for greater energy efficiency and energy production from alternative energy sources? What challenges stand in the way of harmonizing energy policy in Serbia with the regulations and standards prescribed by the European Union in this area and what is the role of local actors in this process?

Participants of the conference gave the answers on these questions within the two panels:

New trends in Energy policy: Examples of good practice was being discussed by:
Jan Sirer – Local Government for Sustainability
Aleksandar Kovacevic - the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Aleksandar Macura, an independent consultant

Towards a new energy policy in the Republic of Serbia - Challenges and Opportunities, was being discussed by:
Slobodan Petrovic, Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Miodrag Gluscevic, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities
Mirko Popovic, Center for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School
Oliver Vitorovic, Office for European Integration of Republic of Serbia

The conference was attended by the representatives of ministries, local authorities, business sectors and Civil Society Organizations.