02. Mar 2012.

BOS at the Conference Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning in Serbia 2012-2020

The representative of the Center for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School, Nevena Jovanovic, have taken part in the conference ''Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning in Serbia, 2012-2020: the general strategy to implementation and international co-operation'', as the rapporteur of the working group on the conduct of international cooperation, initiatives and projects.

The Conference was organized by the European Training Foundation, which, at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science, supports the development of the Strategy for Development of Education in the Republic of Serbia 2012-2020 (which should be adopted in late March 2012). The conference aimed to provide support to the Ministry of Education and the Council of the European Training Foundation in the process of transformation strategies in the plan for implementation.

Conference was held on 1st and 2nd March in Belgrade, gathered 35 participants from different institutions that are Involved in the current development and future implementation of the Strategy.