22. Mar 2012.

Consultative Workshop "Change Management" was held

Center for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School and the Konrad Andenauer Foundation organised a one-day Consultative Workshop  „Change Management“,  aimed for representatives of Civil Society Organisations, in order to improve their active participations in the process of mitigation of climate change in Serbia and strenghtening  partnerships between public institutions  and civil society at the local level. Consultative Workshop was held in Belgrade Open School, Wednesday 21st March 2012. 

Climate change causes significant social and economic transformation at the global level with the prospect that their effects in the future will increase even more. Due to the lack of public interest about these issues and insufficiently developed capacities of representatives of local authorities and Civil Society Organizations, the level of awareness is low regarding the consequences of climate change. Consequently, the inclusion of representatives of Civil Society Organisations in the process of creating an appropriate legal and political framework for adaptation to climate change in the local communities in Serbia is immeasurably important because in this way the community awareness is strengthened on this issue, community resilience to climate change is assessed and adequate measures for adaptation are identified for adaptation at the local level.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning and relevant independent experts in this area introduced the participants about goals and recommendations of the first National Communication of the Republic of Serbia according to United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change and EU White Paper- adapting to climate change: towards a European framework for action. Specific recommendations for the partnership of local actors were suggested at the workshop in order to improve existing legal and political framework for adaptation to climate change in Serbia as well as the recommendations for adaptation measures in local communities. The workshop was attended by 23 representatives of Civil Society Organisations working in the field of environment and climate change.

Consultative Workshop "Change Management" is part of the project "Civil Society in the process of adaptation to climate change in local communities in Serbia", which is being implemented by the  Belgrade Open School in cooperation with Konrad Andenauer Foundation.