02. Jul 2012.

The four day discussion forum was realized


Educational activities within “Local communities in european integration process – to sustainable model of civil involvement in creating environment policy” which realizes Centre for European integration of Belgrade open school with support of Open Society Fund has started with discussion forum which was held from 27th to 30th of June 2012 in Belgrade.

In a four day educational-consultative forum on “Adoption of European models for improvement of civil involvement in creating and implementing environmental policy in local communities” 20 representatives of civil society organizations have participated.

Participants were presented with basic assumptions of Code of good practice for civil involvement in decision-making process and ways in which those can be applied on civil involvement in environmental policy designing and implementing (civil participation levels, steps in decision-making process and concrete forms of civil participation). Beside this, on Forum it was also discussed about the legal framework and mechanisms for information access and improvement of communications between citizens, civil society and about instruments available to societies when participating in evaluation of influence on the environment, as well.

Participants will continue with further activities on project through the online activities in order to make sustainable platform for public involvement in designing and implementing of environmental policy on local level.