09. Nov 2012.

Organized three consultative meetings in order to establish a consultative working body at the local level

Within the project "Local communities in the process of European integration - towards a sustainable model of civil participation in environment policy-making " were held three consultative meetings in municipalities across Serbia where the model of the Advisory Working Group about the creating and implementation of environmental policy at the local level. Consultative meetings, held on November 2nd in Paracin, Cuprija and Nis, and November 5th in  Arandjelovac and Gornji Milanovac and November 6th in Coka representatives host municipalities and representatives of civil society which is unveiled Advisory Working Group.

The model is detailed in a study "The establishment of a consultative working group on environmental improvements at the local level" conducted by the Professional team of the Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School. The proposed model is inspired by the experiences of similar consultative bodies for early and meaningful involvement of citizens in decision-making related to the environment (member countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada). Model Advisory Working Group is based on the legal and theoretical footing for its establishment in Serbia (the mandate, authority and institutional framework within the advisory working group functions).