05. Dec 2012.

The Fourth Discussion Forum “Energy Aware and Efficient” was held

The fourth and the last discussion forum named “Energy aware and efficient” was held on 4th of December 2012 in Novi Beograd Municipality premises. Discussion forum was organized within Project “Raising awareness about energy efficiency in decision-making at the local level in Serbia” which is being realized by Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Serbia (SKGO) and Belgrade Open School (BOS) with support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Attendees were addressed by Aleksandar Šapić, Municipality of Novi Beograd President, William Infante, United Nations resident coordinator in Serbia and Đorđe Staničić, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Serbia General Secretary. The panelists have emphasized the significance of this Project and expressed hope that the one will bring better and sustainable energy future to our cities and municipalities and for the benefit of all citizens, as well.

Representatives of City of Belgrade municipalities: Čukarica, Palilula, Mladenovac, Grocka, Zemun and Novi Beograd municipalities; representatives of City of Pančevo and City of Zrenjanin, as well as the representatives of Žitište and Vrbas municipality have participated at Forum. On this occasion they have signed Energy Efficiency Charter which binds them to continuously raise their energy efficiency level, to use responsibly renewable energy sources and to efficiently manage with energy in their cities and municipalities.

Within Project regional forums were realized in Kragujevac, Subotica and Niš. The Energy Efficiency Charter was signed by nearly 40 municipalities and cities from all around Serbia.

The Project which has for its goal to raise awareness on energy efficiency significance in Serbia is going to last for three years. It is a part of great United Nations activity, as well, which has for its goal to double energy efficiency. These activities are being implemented in Serbia just before the adoption of Law concerning the rational use of energy.