11. Apr 2013.

The representative of BOS has participated on Conference on Environmental Challenges and Perspectives of Serbia

The “ECOTOPIA” Fund has organized Conference “EU – Environmental Challenges and Perspectives in 2013” on 3rd of April 2013 in Belgrade. The Conference is a part of Project “Improving dialogue of state representatives in European integration process of Serbia” supported by Embassy of the United Kingdom.

First panel was dealing with improvement in approximation process of environment legislation of Republic of Serbia with EU acquis communautaire. The second panel was dealing with implementing environment legislation in Republic of Serbia.

The United Kingdom Ambassador in Serbia, Michael Davenport, said that the Embassy is trying to promote the significance of environmental protection. He also said that there is a significant improvement of Serbia in approximation its laws with EU acquis communautaire in recent years. However, there is a space for further improvement on this issue, particularly in implementing these laws. The awareness and participation of civil society in decision making process is on low level. The key point is improving dialogue between government and civil sector.

Mirko Popovic was speaking on creating environmental public policy in Serbia and space for active participation of civil society, as well as on experience activities and projects of Belgrade Open School.

The Conference was attended by 30 representatives of relevant ministries and other state institutions. The attendees were representatives of local self-governments, civil society organizations that actively participate in environmental protection and European integration process, representatives of educational and scientific-research organizations, business sector and international community.