30. May 2013.

The Discussion forum on energy planning and energy development for representatives of media

Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School and Friedrich Ebert Foundation have organized two-day discussion forum within capacity building programme “ReEnergy – Towards Local Sustainable Planning”. The discussion forum for representatives of media with national and local coverage was held on 28th and 29th of May 2013 in Belgrade.

Through discussion forum for media representatives “ReEnergy” initiative has for its objective to improve quality of information and to enhance a dialogue on energy development of Republic of Serbia and region, as well.

  • Is the low quality lignite exploitation the only way of achieving security of energy supply?
  • What is the future of using renewable energy sources and is this kind of policy in line with needs and potentials of local communities?
  • In which way to overcome the energy poverty and to provide satisfactory life quality?

The representatives of media were having open discussion with Aleksandar Kovacevic, energy expert from Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Milos Zlatic, longtime editor of newspapers “Ekonomska politika” and “Blic” and Aleksandar Macura, independent energy expert.