25. Jun 2013.

A Consultative Meeting with Associations and Representatives of the Local Government held in Vrsac

The ConSENSus project team held a consultative meeting with the representatives of local authorities in Vrsac, 20 June 2013. This meeting was also attended by local civil society organizations dealing with the protection of the environment.

At this meeting, the team presented the project "ConSENSus" - a Partnership Approach in the Environmental Decision Making Process - and launched the initiative for the establishment of the Green Council in the municipality of Vrsac.

Given that establishing local Green Councils and drafting model decisions for their functioning is among the primary tasks of the "ConSENSus" project, Mirko Popovic and Srdjan Matović presented a model for the establishment and functioning of the Green Councils in local communities. Member of the Municipal Council representing the field of Ecology, Mr. Milos Vasic, supported, in principle, the establishment of a Green Council in Vrsac. The Green Council members would be representatives of SO Vrsac, representatives of NGOs, representatives from health, education, business and other sectors.

Representatives of various NGOs - EC "Staniste", EU "Avalon," the Association "Za bolji Vrsac," and members of the meeting host"Cefix" all participated actively in the meeting and led a positive discussion which resulted in an agreement to join together and form a network of environmental organizations under the name "Green Circle". This network would later delegate its representatives to the Green Council in Vrsac.

The next step in the implementation of the ConSENSus project is to run a consultative workshop which would mark the official start of the establishing process.

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