01. Jul 2013.

The role of CSOs in dealing with a flood issue in the Republic of Serbia

Office for Cooperation with Civil Society with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia organized a two-day study tour for CSOs representatives who are engaged in the field of protection and conservation of the environment. Purpose of this study tour was the promotion of enhanced mechanisms of public participation in the prevention and flood protection and mitigation of their consequences.

Participants visited the following locations in Central and South Serbia: Lake Gru┼ża, gravel pits near Kruševac and municipality Trgovište. The aim of these visits was CSOs capacity building for their greater involvement in decision-making related to water management. Speakers from the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society represented problems certain areas of the Republic of Serbia has been faced with regarding the hazards, risks and damages that had previously evolved as a result of flooding.

At the same time speakers suggested some potential mechanisms for risk mapping, flood prevention and the possibility of involvement of multiple stakeholders in the flood issue.

This study tour has opened up the possibility for CSOs future activities in the field of protection and conservation of the environment, especially in terms of raising public awareness of the need to seal the flood as well as in activities related to the mapping of risks and developing plans to protect the environment from these natural disasters.