08. Jul 2013.

Representatives of Joanneum Research visit BOS

The Representatives of the Joanneum Research, from Graz, Andreas Turek and Dorian Frieden, with the representative of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) from Croatia, visited the Belgrade Open School on July 3rd 2013. The aim of the visit was to present the project BETTER (Bringing Europe and Third countries closer together through Renewable Energies), which aims to promote the use of renewable energy.

The partners and associates of the Center for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School, representatives of the CSOs dealing with an energy policy, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, as well as a representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which supports the initiative ReEnergy, were attended the presentation of the project.

After the project presentation, the participants discussed about the potential of renewable energy sources and possible scenarios, and the role and importance of the mechanisms of cooperation between all stakeholders. Part of the discussion was devoted to the barriers, and the possibility of extending the use of RES in Serbia. Also, one part of the meeting was dedicated for the exchange of ideas about possible cooperation and involvement in the project.

The project presentation BETTER (Bringing Europe and Third countries closer together through renewable Energies) you could download HERE.