22. Oct 2013.

One Step Closer to the Green Council in Vranje

On the consultative workshop organized in Vranje on 22nd of October 2013, “ConSENSus” project team has presented model of Decision on establishing Consultative working group for environmental protection and development. Model of decision was developed in cooperation with City administration of Vranje. Their comments and opinions on presented model of decision have been given by stakeholders participating the workshop. 

The consultative workshop was participated by representatives of City administration, civil society, communal and inspection srevices, office for youth and Health Service of City of Vranje. Mrs Nela Cvetkovic, member of City Council in charge for ecology and environmental protection, has underlined that City of Vranje is trying to increase transparency of its institutions and services. Therefore, Consultative working group will give significant contribution to the public participation in decision-making process and solving problems, as well.

The participants of discussion has shown their interests for participation in Consultative working group and pointed out on need for joint action in dealing with communal and ecology problems. All present participants have agreed that public participation is very low. Thus, it is hard to make the right decisions.

Mirko Popovic, the “ConSENSus” project coordinator, has underlined on controversies in decision-making process as a result of the fact that the laws have been created without adequate participation of local communities representatives. Implementation of such law is unsatisfactory. “ConSENSus” project is aimed to local communities' needs in order to achieve sustainable development of local communities in accordance with their needs and particularities.

We, as a “ConSENSus” project team are expecting that the Consultative working group for environmental protection and development, as a working body of City council, wil be established during the November of 2013.