21. Jan 2014.

The Questionnaire for Mapping Civil Society Organizations, Professional Associations, Academia, Media and Other Stakeholders on Negotiation Process on Serbian Accession to European Union

Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School has launched an initiative “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations - the Active Participation of Civil Society in the EU Negotiation Process” (Progovori o pregpovorima: Aktivno učešće civilnog društva u procesu pregovaranja sa EU). Initiative main objective is to contribute to the Europeanization of Serbia through the promotion of transparent and accountable process of European Union accession negotiations based on dialogue and partnership between civil society and public authorities.

In order to inform public on Serbia EU negotiation process, we have created web portal “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations”.

Our future step is to map civil society organizations (CSOs), professional associations, academia, media and other stakeholders in Serbian EU negotiation process via questionnaire.

By filling up this questionnaire, you will take part in designing data base of stakeholders interested to monitor and to be informed on Serbian EU negotiation process.

Centre for European Integration will form platform of stakeholders on the basis of mapping results and also inform public on overall process via “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations” portal.

Questionnaire is consisted out of 10 questions and the process of filling up will not last more than 5 minutes.

You can access to online questionnaire by clicking on following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S5QQ8FW.

Please, forward this link to other stakeholders you are cooperating with.

Overall initiative is being realized with support of Open Society Foundation Serbia.

We call all stakeholders interested to participate in formation of a platform for promotion of transparent, accountable and inclusive accession negotiations to write us on following e-mail address: eupregovori@bos.rs.