14. Feb 2014.

Results of Mapping Actors Interested in Monitoring Serbian European Union Negotiation Process

Centre for European Integration (CEI) of Belgrade Open School has launched initiative “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations – the Active Participation of Civil Society in the European Union Negotiation Process”. The main objective of this Initiative is to give its contribution to the Europeanization of Serbia through promoting transparent and responsible negotiation process of accessing European Union (EU) which should be based on dialogue and partnership between civil society and public authorities. 

In order to enhance a dialogue on national level and to define principles which should serve as a basis for Serbian EU negotiation process, CEI has conducted mapping of civil society organizations, professional associations, academic community, media and other stakeholders interested to take part in negotiation process. This activity was conducted in period from 14th of January to 4th of February 2014 via tailor-made questionnaire. In this period, questionnaire was filled by 304 organizations and associations in total. 

Answers were given on questions from questionnaire, such as capacity level of stakeholders for monitoring negotiation process, level of information given on negotiation process, particularly on the evaluation of their cooperation with official institutions and on negotiation structure responsible for EU negotiation process. The most significant research outcome is established base of stakeholders interested in monitoring Serbian EU negotiation process through specific negotiation chapters.

The graphic presentation of research findings can be viewed here. The detailed analysis will be developed and presented by the end of month.

The next step is a formation of joint platform for monitoring EU negotiation process by the identified civil society organizations, professional associations, media and other stakeholders and promotion of transparent, inclusive and open EU negotiation process of Serbia.

We are inviting all stakeholders which would like to take part in forming platform for promoting transparent, responsible and inclusive negotiation process to write us an e-mail on following address: eupregovori@bos.rs.

Information on Serbian EU negotiation process could be found on web portal “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations”.