18. Jun 2014.

Consultative Workshop “Let’s Speak About Negotiations” held in Kraljevo

On 17th of June 2014, at the Kraljevo City Hall, Centre for European Integration (CEI) of Belgrade Open School (BOS) have organized regional consultative workshop named “Let’s Speak about Negotiations – In which way to apply EU Standards in Environmental Policy on Local Level”.

The consultative workshop was realized within “Let’s Speak about Negotiations – the Active Participation of Civil Society in the EU Negotiation Process” project which is supported by Foundation for an Open Society Serbia.

At the regional consultative workshop initiative named “Let’s Speak about Negotiations” was presented, as well as the most important facts about Serbian negotiation process on European Union accession and existing legal framework for including CSOs and other stakeholders in this process. Particular emphasis was put on informing and prompt access to the information in Serbian European Union (EU) negotiation process.

At this workshop participants have discussed on role of civil society organization in EU negotiation process, particularly on their contribution to the overall process through by informing citizens and by making process visible. As a part of the workshop Declaration on Joint Civil Society Platform for Monitoring Negotiation Process on Serbian Accession to the EU was presented. This declaration serves as a basis for acting of civil society and other stakeholders in Serbian negotiation process on accessing EU, regardless of their way of organization and activities in this context.

The next regional consultative workshop “Let’s Speak about Negotiations – Civil Society Participation in Serbian EU Negotiation Process” will be organized in Zajecar, on 30th of June 2014.