18. Jun 2014.

Regional Discussion Forum and Establishment of Council for Environmental Protection and Improvement in Kraljevo

As a part of “KnowHow2Act” project, regional discussion forum named “Local Self-Government Units and Civil Society in Serbian EU Negotiation Process – Partnership for Responsible and Effective Application of EU Standards and Values” was held on 17th of June 2014 in Kraljevo.

During the meeting of regional discussion forum specific emphasis was put on significance of recently established Council for Environmental Protection and Improvement of City of Kraljevo, its promotion and it role. At the regional discussion forum discussion was focused on challenges of applying European Union (EU) environmental standards on local level.

Regional discussion forum was aiming to promote the transparent, responsible and inclusive approach in negotiation process on accessing EU. The particular focus was put on role of local self-government units and civil society in this process regarding EU negotiation chapters related to the environmental issues. Improvement of civic participation and establishment of sustainable dialogue for applying EU standards and values on local level is possible only in such situation when all actors, both on central and on local level, are informed and included in process.

“KnowHow2Act” project is being implemented jointly by Belgrade Open School, European Movement in Serbia, Centre for Civic Society Development PROTECTA and UNECOOP. Project is financially funded by Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.