20. Jun 2014.

Training of trainers for university teachers

A training of trainers for future Western Balkan trainers was held on June 16-20, 2014 at the host institution, the Law Faculty, University of Nis, Serbia. The programme agenda was developed by NISPAcee trainers Mr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas from Lithuania and Mr. Gyorgy Gajduschek from Hungary. The training was led by NISPAcee in cooperation with Mr. Vladimir Pavlovic from the Belgrade Open School.

The programme was divided into several parts. In the framework of the Introduction, the ToT goals and objectives were introduced, together with the training manual developed by NISPAcee experts during the previous project phase. After the Introductory part, simulation training on Module 0 was carried out. Mr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas simulated training on the selected topic of Module 0, with the aim of showing different training methods and techniques to the participants – i.e. future trainers.

On the second day, participants created groups based on the module that they will lead in the future. During the group work, participants discussed the training methods that they plan to use in the training programme of the selected module. In the next part, the module representatives presented their designed training programmes and identified and explained the planned training methods. The most useful part was the open discussions which followed, on their questions regarding the methodology to be applied in their respective programmes.

On the last day, the trainers introduced participants the tips and tricks on how to design a training programme and use training methods in praxis and exchange experiences in using the different training methods. The participants will have their first possibility to test their new skills in the autumn when they will lead the pilot training on all modules.