11. Aug 2014.

Survey on Youth Interests on EU and Access to EU Information

Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School, supported by Office for European Integration of Government of Republic of Serbia, is implementing “Europe in Your Pocket – Improving the Youth Informing on European Integration Process” project.

As a part of project activities, free mobile “Android” application named “Europe in Your Pocket” (“Evropa za poneti”) will be created and placed on “Google Play” store. This application will be available to smart phones users, particularly young ones. Through this application, right information on European Union, as well as on Serbian European integration process will be given in interesting, simple and innovative way. Our intention is to provide young users of application with all interesting information on Serbian European integration process, as well as on membership benefits and opportunities in education, employment, culture and spare time on a single database, on their mobile phone.

As the young people represent main target project group, tailor-made questionnaire on youth interests on EU and access to EU information was created. This questionnaire is a part of survey which was created in order to include respondents in designing application appearance and content.

By answering this questionnaire, you will contribute to design and creation of “Europe in your Pocket” application.

You can answer online survey by following on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WXP8W5N