14. Oct 2014.

"Europe in Your Pocket" - Application which places Europe in your pockets has been launched

In the framework of the project “Europe in Your Pocket – Improvement of Informing the Youth on the European Union and the European integration process”, Android application Europe in Your Pocket has been created and launched. Application Europe in Your Pocket offers young people the opportunity not just to be in touch with current events in the European Union, but as well with all the possibilities that European Union offers to them, by carrying the EU in their phones and in their pockets.

Application Europe in Your Pocket is ready to be downloaded via Google Play Store, or via the following link:


Europe in Your Pocket equips young people with information on opportunities that European Union provides to them in the field of education, volunteering, travel and work in the EU. Android application responds to needs of youth, but it introduces them as well with the process of European integration of Serbia and with the history and institutional structure of the European Union. Application enables young people to stay tuned on current events on European level, open calls for formal and informal educational programmes, scholarships, practice and projects, but as well with technical information which helps them to plan their trip and staying in the member states and make connections with their peers and various organizations in European Union.

Application Europe in Your Pocket will be officially presented on 2014 Belgrade Book Fair, on the stand of the European Union Delegation to Serbia. Besides creating the new form of informing and communicating on the European Union, the promotional campaign itself will be based on innovative and online methods of communication, which allows two-sided communication to their users. Therefore, in October and November 2014 will be organized two Twitter chats and one Tweet-Up Session, which will simultaneously take place on squares of 5 cities in Serbia.

Project “Europe in Your Pocket – Improvement of Informing the Youth on the European Union and the European integration process” is conducted by the Belgrade Open School with the support of the Serbian European Integration Office.