17. Dec 2014.

Online Lecture on Implementing Aarhus Convention

With the support of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Belgrade Open School has organized two lectures on following topics: “Aarhus Convention – Access to Justice” (9th of December 2014) and “Aarhus Convention – Public Participation and Access to Information” (16th of December). The lectures were live streamed online.

These lectures were hosted by Gordana Kovacevic, long-term experienced lawyer in area mentioned above and Milan Antonijevic, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) Director.

During the lectures, the audience had a chance to ask a question, write their opinion or comment. The lectures videos can be watched on “Aarhupedia” portal (www.aarhupedia.org).

Lectures have been organized as a part of project “Aarhupedia – Access to Justice in Environmental Area by using Free Legal Aid” implemented by the Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School, with the support of OSCE.


What the Web Portal “Aarhupedia” is actually?

Web portal “Аarhupedia” represents electronic platform of Belgrade Open School aimed to support the implementation of Aarhus Convention in Republic of Serbia. The platform contains useful information on public inclusion and participation in environmental policy making. The platform is structured of several basic categories, such as “Guidelines”, “Themes”, “Dictionary”, “Green Councils” and “Green Forum”. Within the category titled “Themes”, there are four subcategories titled “Basic Environmental Rights”, “Access to Information”, “Public Participation” and “Access to Justice”. The articles created and published by the users are classified according to the categories and subcategories titles.

As a part of “Aarhupedia” portal, legal advisory centre was opened where the representatives of civil society, employees of local self-government units and interested public may consult experts and get a legal advice which may help them to solve specific problem they are dealing with. Legal advisory centre has an open free access for “Aarhupedia” users and covers three areas, such as access to information, public participation in decision making and legal aid in case of violation of rights in environmental area. Legal advisory centre does not also include representation of a client in court.

“Aarhupedia” is an open free source platform which enables joint work of all users in creating its content. Each user may enter texts and communicate with the other users of “Aarhupedia” by using their own user account. This platform has for its goal to offer the right information, data and guidelines for civic participation within existing legal framework in area of environment.

Electronic platform “Aarhupedia”, “Aarhupedia – Access to Justice in Environmental Area by using Free Legal Aid” project, as well as legal advisory centre within “Aarhupedia” is being realized with the support of OSCE Mission to Serbia.