10. Feb 2015.

Lost in the Negotiations – between the Proclaimed Principles and Practice

Centre for European Integration of the Belgrade Open School has organized a discussion “Lost in the Negotiations: Is there a Dialogue between the Public and Institutions on the European Union Negotiation Process in Serbia?”. The event was organized in the Belgrade Youth Centre on 10th of February 2015 with the support of the Foundation for an Open Society, Serbia. 

The event was organized in order to make a review of the experiences and practices that marked the first year of the Serbian EU accession negotiations and to identify the major challenges in the process, with special emphasis on public information and dialogue with citizens. Also, the aim of the discussion was to speak on the European Union in language that is understandable to citizens, civil society and the academic community, which is not directly involved in the negotiation process, but rather actively participate in the public debate that follows this process.

Attendees were addressed by Jadranka Jelincic of the Foundation for an Open Society, Serbia, Rasa Nedeljkov, from the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA), Andrej Ivanji from the weekly “Vreme”, Danijela Bozovic from the Belgrade Open School. Moderator of the meeting was Tamara Skrozza from the weekly “Vreme”.

The event was also focused on the presentation of the report “The Accession Negotiations of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union – between Proclaimed Principles and Practice”. The report is the result of the Belgrade Open School developed within the “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations” initiative. The initiative “Let’s Speak about the Negotiations” was launched in 2013 and it aims to promote transparent, accountable and inclusive process of the EU accession negotiations based on dialogue and partnership between civil society and public authorities.