24. Mar 2015.

Towards the principle of partnership in regional development policy in Serbia

The Center for European Integration of Belgrade Open School, held an introductory workshop on Friday 13th 2015 in Belgrade with the representatves of stakeholders within the field of regional development. The meeting was attended by the representatives of civil society organisations, regional development agencies and govermental institutions. The introductory workshop was held within the “Partnership for development: Improving the role of civil society in regional policy development in Republic of Serbia”. The aim of this project is to support balanced and sustainable regional development in Serbia in the process of accession to the European Union, but also to encourage adoption and implementation of the partnership principle between the public authorities and stakeholders at all levels of government.

The workshop was focused on consultations with the representatives of stakeholders to ensure proper instalment of the project research. Thus, this event represents one of the initial activities on the Project. After this phase, the research team of the Belgrade Open School will start with the analysis of the stakeholders and the analysis of the legal and institutional framework in Serbia in addopting and implementing partnership principle in regional development policy in Serbia.