Period 2008 - 2010

Paths towards overcoming the authoritarian past

Paths towards overcoming the authoritarian past


“Paths towards overcoming the authoritarian past” is seminar organized by the Centre for European integration (CEI) at Belgrade Open School (BOS) with the cooperation of interested partners.

The main aim of the seminar is to raise consciousness about the necessity of surmounting Serbia’s authoritarian inheritance/past as it remains one of the key obstacles to the establishment of a rule of law based on joint European values. The seminar is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, activists from civil society and youth branches of political parties.

It aims to promote a critical approach and stimulate discussion among the participants of the seminar on the established facts, confronting them with Serbia’s negative historical inheritance in a local, regional, European and global context. 


The seminar is implemented through a set of interactive lectures, film screenings, workshops and discussions at a multidisciplinary methodological framework. Topics that are addressed separately as part of the educational program are: Layers repressed past; coping with the past; truth and common people to overcome past.


Project partners: Konrad Adenauer Foundation  


Time and place: Belgrade, February – June 2009.