Period 2008 - 2010

Law and Procedures of the European Union

Law and Procedures of the European Union


The aim of the “European integration education program” is to create the preconditions for strengthening the position of Serbia in the European integration process. This will be achieved by increasing the capacity of the state administration in negotiating the Stabilization and Association Process as well as promoting the work of government officials in policies which are specifically aimed at the negotiation process with the representatives of the European Commission.


The specific aims of the project are:

  • promotion of coordination, communication and professionalism in sectors responsible for European integration inside government ministries;
  • raising the level of knowledge and skills as well as advancing the work of government officials engaged in affairs concerning European integration
  • creating and training strong networks in government ministries and other bodies of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. 


The course “Laws and procedures of the European Union” instructs participants about the legal mechanisms which provide the foundations for the functioning of the EU.  Participants should gain a clear picture of what the EU represents, its legal character and institutional structure.  Participants also should acquire basic knowledge of the relation between European and national legislation, the competences of the European institutions, the supranational character of the EU, as well as the positions of our legislative actors in the legislative framework of the EU.  At the end of the course, participates should be able inform themselves on issues linked to the next enlargement and the future of the European Union.

Through interactive lectures, workshops and simulation participants and attendees, employees of the different Ministries, government agencies, will have the opportunity to gain basic knowledge about the legal system and institutional structure of the European Union as well as methods of decision-making and creation of public policies within the Union.


Project partners: Human Resources Department of Government of the Republic of Serbia Friedrich Ebert Foundation  


Time and place: Belgrade, May - June 2010.