Period 2011 - 2013

Sustainable Environmental Policy on the Local Level: Towards Efficient and Responsible Management of the Urban Communities of Serbia


Project “Sustainable Environmental Policy at Local Level: Towards More Efficient and Reliable Management of Urban Societies in Serbia” contributes to the promotion of citizens’ participation in urban societies in the Republic of Serbia trough developing sustainable environmental policy and its inclusion in different policy areas and type of engagement at local level. Eight civil society organisations (CSO) from nine local municipalities of Serbia, with the support from the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia, were included in the project. The project was implemented as part of SECTOR II programme for supporting civil society organisations that deal with environmental issues in South East Europe, and in Serbia it is implemented by Regional Ecological Centre (REC). Project was implemented by Centre for European Integration in partnership with EKOLOR from Indjija, and Entuzijasti from Kucevo.


Following civil society organisations participated, as associates, in the implementation of the project: „Stablo“, Kragujevac, project associate; „Slobodan prostor“, Gornji Milanovac, project associate; „Asocijacija Duga“, Sabac, project associate; „Resurs centar“, Bor, project associate; „Protekta“, Nis, project associate. As project associates, Agency for Cooperation with NGOs and European Harmonisation of City of Belgrade together with Belgrade Chamber of Commerce supported the project realisation. This project was implemented with the full support of the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia. 


Time and place:
Belgrade / Kucevo / Indjija / Gornji Milanovac / Sabac / Kragujevac / Nis / Bor, Apri 15th -  2010 – February 1st  2011