Period 2011 - 2013

Energy of change - Challenging Energy Inefficient Society of Serbia

About project:

This project critically examines the state-of-art of the energy efficiency policy in Serbia. Throughout three Regional Consultative Workshops and Closing Conference this project offers policy recommendation for the improvement of existing energy efficiency policy in Serbia with a strong focus on impacts of this policy on environment, growth and employment on the local level.

Here follows the brief overview of the project activities:

  • Regional Consultative Workshops

Consultative Workshops will be organised in three municipalities – Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis. Each Consultative Workshop will have regional character i.e. representatives from the regional authorities, neighbouring local authorities, business sector and civil society organisations (CSOs) active in the region will be invited to participate on the conference. Consultative Workshops will consist of following segments

a) Introduction Presentations on the related topics:

 -   Implementing Standards and Values of EU Energy Efficiency Policy in Serbia

 -  Towards Energy Efficient Communities in Serbia – Obstacles and Possible Solutions

b) SWOT Workshops

c) Discussion on results of SWOT Workshops

d) Final presentation “Energy Efficiency in Serbia as a tool for Growth, Employment and Environmental Protection”


  • Closing Conference “Working towards Energy Efficiency in Serbia”

Participants of the conference (representatives of key stakeholders: public authorities from central and regional level, local municipalities association, Chamber of Commerce, CSOs) will highlight the latest policy and regulatory developments in the energy efficiency field, review already made steps and discuss obstacles the in the design of sustainable energy efficiency policy in Serbia.

The Conference has a several aims:

a)    To raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits of a wider use of renewable energies and increased energy efficiency among decision-makers and encourage their commitment to intensify efforts to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency;

b)     To encourage the dialogue on political, economic and regulatory frameworks best suited for successfully promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency and increasing investment from the state and the private sector;

c)    To contribute to a wider dissemination of information relevant to these topics in the Serbian community.

This comprehensive conference will explore energy efficiency opportunities in different policy areas (e.g. industrial, commercial and public sectors). The agenda of the conference will address main challenges of energy efficiency policy in Serbia, (e.g. regulatory barriers to energy efficiency), discuss financing options for energy efficiency projects, and identify opportunities for businesses and municipal and regional governments to increase revenues by reducing energy consumption. The Conference is conceptualised in such a manner to represent a place for sharing lessons learned regarding policies/programs to incentivize energy efficiency and for enhancing of regional collaboration on energy efficiency initiatives.

The results of the Regional Workshops will be presented within the Closing Conference with the emphasis on the policy recommendations on the topics discussed with their respective framework.

Project represents joint initiative of Centre for European integration of the Belgrade Open School and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung aiming to support implementation of EU standards and values in the area of sustainable development in Serbia. In order to encourage local networking and cooperation project involves several partners and associates.


Parliament of the Republic of Serbia; Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Government of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina  ; Department for Sustainable Development and Cooperation with Civil Society Organisations of the City of Kragujevac and Medijana Municipality, City of Nis.


Center for Civil Society Development - PROTECTA, Nis; Centre Prevention for Smoking and Education – Kragujevac and Green Initiative, Novi Sad.


Time and place:
Belgrade / Kragujevac / Niš/ Novi Sad, September - December 2011.