Period 2011 - 2013

ReEnergy – Towards Local Sustainable Energy Planning

Planning and efficient management of energy policy with a special focus on its impact on the environment, economic growth and employment is one of the most efficient ways to achieve sustainable development of one country. Achieving standards in the field of energy is also directly related to the process of bringing Serbia closer to the EU.

Local authorities have an important role in the energy sector and in achieving energy efficiency standards. This role is manifested in the fact that cities and municipalities are energy producers, as owners of public companies for the production and distribution of heat overall energy, and the consumers (public buildings, utilities, street lighting, etc.). They also act as regulators at the local level, making decisions that have an impact on energy management, as well as all energy entities in local communities, and their role is to motivate the citizens and businesses to use energy responsibly and rationally. In this regard, local governments have to provide local sustainable energy planning.

The results of the "ReEnergy - For Sustainable Energy Community", which Belgrade Open School and Foundation Friedrich Ebert implemented in 2012, showed that in the cities and municipalities energy planning is not developed. Analysis conducted for the purpose of policy papers has shown that the tools, procedures, practices, and capacity of employees are insufficient to achieve the objectives set out in the decision of the Council of Ministry of Energy Community. Such an assessment supported by the fact that no energy or energy efficiency are not always part of the strategic documents and that most local authorities do not have special bodies responsible for energy affairs.

Overall objective:
Create sustainable energy policies that will enable energy independence, new jobs and improving the quality of life of citizens in local communities in Serbia.

Specific objectives:

(1) Improve the process of energy planning at least 5 local governments in Serbia;
(2) Strengthen the capacity of 20 representatives of civil society organizations and local governments for strategic planning in the field of energy policy at the local level;
(3) Improve communication within the existing network  of participants of ReEnergy s initiative.


Activity on project

(1)    Educational forum
         - Training o Inclusive and public energy planning on local level

         - Training for representatives of media Legal framework and public reporting on energy policy

(2)    Online learning platform for sustainable energy planning
(3)    Study visit
(4)    Energy day

Project founded:
Fridrih Ebert Fondation, Belgrade

Time and place:
Belgrade /Zagreb, March – November 2013