About the Initiative

“ReEnergy” is an initiative of Centre for European Integration of Belgrade Open School and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It is focused on improvement of policy framework for creating energy and environmental policy in Republic of Serbia. The initiative is based on the belief that responsible and sustainable environmental policy must be established with public participation in decision-making, together with the partnership of civil society organizations, business sector and public institutions. By fulfilling the mentioned preconditions, successful implementation of European standards and norms in the area of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources will be achieved.

The focus of the “ReEnergy” initiative in 2015 will be the challenges of Serbian EU accession negotiation process (Chapter 15 – Energy and 27 – Environment), and harmonization with the EU energy policy objectives until 2030, which were defined by the conclusions of the European Council of 24th October 2014. Energy policy of the Republic of Serbia is created through the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the Energy Community Treaty, so the implications of applying this agreement at the local level will be included in the project activities in 2015.

The Objectives:

  • Creation of public policies with citizens participation in early phase of decision-making, particularly in the problem definition phase and when choosing the most suitable option;
  • clean energy – energy production with low emission of carbon dioxide and pollutants;
  • Reliable and quality energy supply without threats for environment and people’s health;
  • Creation of local development policies according to particular needs of local communities.

The project is implemented with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Belgrade.