Community Power – Improving Capacities of Civil Society Organizations in Protection of Environment and Natural Resources


This project tackles the problem of low quality of environmental impact assessment and insufficient capacities of stakeholders to participate in environmental decision making. It follows Serbian European Union (EU) integration agenda, as a main wheel of change and democratic transformation, and support adoption of EU standards in protection of environment and natural resources.

The objectives of the project are to improve knowledge and capacities of environmental civil society organizations (CSOs) and media for monitoring and participation in environmental impacts assessment and advocating for protection of natural resources, to increase transparency and accountability of public authorities in conducting environmental impact assessment and to strengthen cooperation between CSOs, academic community, media and local authorities in reinforcing the implementation of relevant environmental legislation.


Activities within the project are:

1) Facilitation of CSOs media and local authorities’ participation in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and strategic impact assessment (SIA) consultations:

– Introducing CSOs, media and local authorities to SIA Consultations on National Climate Strategy and Action Plan and Programme for Implementation of Energy Development Strategy;

– Campaign Pivotal place Southwest Serbia – CSOs meet academic community in protection of natural resources;

2) Development and publishing of Handbook “SIA and EIA in water and natural resources management”;

3) Capacity building programme “Improving public participation in EIA and SIA procedures”.

Project is a part of larger scope project named “Civil Society acts for environmentally sound Socio-Economic Development” which is being implemented by the Bird Protection and Study Society Serbia. This larger project is supported by the European Union via Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014 – 2015. Project lasts from 1st of November 2016 untill 31st of October 2018.