Debate on the Future of the Four Freedoms of the European Union – EU3doms


General objective of the project “Debate on the Future of the Four Freedoms of the European Union – EU3doms” is to have an insight how citizens see the European Union as such in their everyday life. Project also aims to provide a forum for debate to see the different opinions, support the development of the culture of debate in the participating countries through which it aims to engage them in dialogue on the articulation of the European Union’s (EU) future, raise their feeling of ownership and the importance of their participation in formulating the future of the EU. More specifically “EU3doms” project will focus on debating on the future prospects of the four freedoms provided by the EU. Project partners will organize various events with the involvement of a broad range of citizens to discuss the pros and cons of the four freedoms.


Project is consisted out of following activities:

1) Background studies on topics of key importance on specific issues related with the EU policies;

2) Competitions on selected topics through drawings, photos and slam poetries;

3) Days of the four freedoms will take place in form of the events, such as back/to/back festivals, workshops, sharing stories, mini-conferences, educational games, exhibitions and cultural programs. These events will be base in the cities of the implementing countries and it will be dealing with human rights, youth, community development and education;

4) Final conference.

Project is supported by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission within the programme “Europe for Citizens”. Leading project partner is Municipality of Héviz (Republic of Hungary), while the other project partners are Harghita County Council (Republic of Romania), Municipality of Lendava (Republic of Slovenia) and “Foster Europe” organisation (Burgenland, Republic of Austria). Project lasts from 1st of November 2016 untill 30th of November 2017. More info on project can be found on following website: