Res Publica – Laws are Public Matter


“Res Publica – Laws are Public Matter” project is dealing with the civil society organization’s participation within the public consultations, as the legislative process phase. This issue will be dealt with at national level and within the European Union (EU) acquis approximation process. By having a research of legal framework and practice of holding public consultations within the approximation process, it will be derived recommendations and measures for direct civic participation in the legislation process.

Overall project objective is to raise the transparency, openness and accountability of public authorities by including citizens in the policy making process.


Project is consisted out of following activities:

1) Analysis of legal framework and practice of having public consultations in EU acquis approximation process and CSOs’ participation in this process;

2) Development of two progress reports on public consultations within the approximation process;

3) Development of policy brief;

4) Promotion of research findings by e-bulletin “Let’s speak about Negotiations” and social networks;

5) Final conference.

Project is supported by the „Trag Foundation“, United States Agency for International Development and Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability. Project lasts from 15th of August 2016 untill 15th of Febuary 2017.