BOS: Diploma Awarding Ceremony for students of XXIII Generation

BOS: Diploma Awarding Ceremony for students of XXIII Generation

On Thursday, December 8th 2016, Diploma Awarding Ceremony was held for the students of XXIII generation of the educational programme "Future Studies" of The Belgrade Open School. This year the Diploma Awarding Ceremony took place at the Museum of Yugoslav History as part of the conference Move.Link.Engage organized by The Belgrade Open School.

Diploma Awarding Ceremony started by welcoming remarks of educational programme coordinator Danijela Grubnić and President of the Board of The Belgrade Open School Cedomir Cupic.

The importance of alumni network of The Belgrade Open School, which has 1,100 members was highlighted. They now occupy important leadership positions in the country and abroad. Also goals that Belgrade Open School has been running successfully for 24 years are pointed, which are primarily referred to the formation of young leaders and implementers of social change through our programme of informal education.

After students of XXIII generation were delivered diplomas, and after their official acceptance to alumni network, new generation of students was presented. They will attend the educational programme "Future Studies" during the academic year 2016/17.

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail at the Museum of Yugoslav History, and socializing of the XXIII and XXIV generation and participants of the conference Move.Link.Engage.

13. Dec 2016.