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27. Mar 2017.

Training for members of the editorial staff of youth portal Mingl was held on Saturday at the Belgrade Open School. Training, which was held by the members of the professional team of Belgrade Open School, consisted of workshops on teamwork, career guidance, writing a CV and motivational letter.

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17. Jan 2017.

Belgrade Open School organized four info sessions in order to present Support Programme for civil society and media in the area of European integration (the Programme), which will be implemented in the scope of project "Civil Society as a Force for a Change in the Serbia’s EU Accession Process". Info sessions were organized with the goal to give interested parties a closer look to Open call for submission of project proposals within the Programme.

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31. Dec 2016.


28. Dec 2016.

The Belgrade Open School (BOS) notifies all interested civil society organizations (CSOs) and media that there's an Open call for submission of project proposals under the Support Programme for civil society and media in the area of European integration (the Programme). The Programme will be implemented in the scope of  project "Civil Society as a Force for a Change in the Serbia’s EU Accession Process".

The deadline for submission of applications for participation in the Programme is Sunday, 22nd January 2017 until 11:59 pm.

The Programme lasts for three years, from October 2016 until October 2019, and includes two programme activities: 1. Support to CS4EU Programme Partners; 2. Capacity building and networking program. Project support and support of partner civil society organizations and media implies direct financial support, for at least 15 civil society organizations and media, in a form of core support (for at least 5 CSOs and media) and project support (for at least 5 projects of CSOs and 5 media). Total budget for the implementation of financial support to civil society organisations and media in the first year is 2,500,000 SEK, which is approximately 250,000 EUR.

The stability of democratic institutions, the rule of law and respect for human and minority rights are unimaginable without the active participation of civil society in the creation of public policies, and free media that inform citizens and encourage critical thinking. Civil society and media are recognized as those who can influence social change, the key actors of the democratic development and the direct beneficiaries of this Programme. 

The Programme is dedicated to strengthening of civil society organizations and media, as actors who are able to bring closer the European integration process to citizens, to explain the importance of social change, and to contribute to the inclusion of citizens in decision-making processes. Through this Program support will be provided to those civil society organisations and media, that ensure that the interests of local communities are adequately represented in the process of democratic development and Serbia's EU accession.

All information about the Programme, as well as necessary documents for submission of projects are located on the website

The project "Civil Society as a Force for a Change in the Serbia’s EU Accession Process" is implemented by Belgrade Open School with support from Sweden. Overall objective of the project is to contribute to EU integration and democratic development of Serbia based on increased role of civil society and media. Control and corrective role of civil society organizations and media is required for establishment and strengthening of rule of law and protection of human rights, which are the basic principles of European integration process. More about the project is available on

27. Dec 2016.

Students of the XXIV generation completed the fall semester on the Future studies with workshop Networking and social intelligence, on module Skills for the Future. The workshop was held by General Director of The Belgrade Open School, Vesna Đukić. In addition to lectures on this module, students also, in the fall semester, had the opportunity to listen to lectures on module Future of the State and Society.

Jovana Gligorijevic, from the weekly newspaper "Vreme", opened activities in December on the programme. Students talked with her about very important topic nowaday, Online communication and reputation. The module continued with lecture held by Mihailo Gajic. Students had the opportunity, to get advice and instruction on how to manage personal finances, through interactive lecture.

Also, on Thursday, December 8th, 2016, students of the XXIV generation, attended Diploma Awarding Ceremony for students of the XXIII generation, which was held at the Museum of Yugoslav History. On this occasion it was officially presented the new, XXIV generation of the students.

With Misa Djurkovic, director of the Institute for European Studies, students discussed about The mechanism of the rule of corporations and the future of democracy. The following week, students discussed about the topics they have not the opportunity to listen on The Programme so far. Dr. Predrag Mitrovic, a cardiologist at the Emergency Center and the Clinical Center of Serbia and professor at the Medical School, held the lecture on the topic How music can affect the quality of life and work.

Special Lecture, as part of the December activities, was reserved for Peca Popovic, with the topic of Inventions and events that changed the world of music.

The lecture in which students were especially active, was The Flipside of globalization and modernization: images and stereotypes of sub-Saharan Africa, when they spoke with Zoran Cirjakovic. This lecture closed the module Future of the State and Society in the fall semester.

Inevitable New year's socializing, exchanging gifts to secret friends and decorating Christmas tree, after the last workshop on the module Skills for the Future closed  the fall semester on The Programme.

Students have a small break for New Year and Christmas holidays, and the first activities await them in mid January 2017.

Photos of the fall semester, and all additional activities which were attended by our students, you can see in our gallery.

17. Dec 2016.

On December 16th, in Belgrade Open School held a one-day training for practitioners of the companies involved in the project “PRAKSAM – Introducing the youth to the world of work through internship placements”. The aim of the training was to empower interns for the challenges that  are awaiting them during practice and career, and obtaining a set of instructions, advice and rules concerning career management, communication, teamwork and work ethic.

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13. Dec 2016.

On Thursday, December 8th 2016, Diploma Awarding Ceremony was held for the students of XXIII generation of the educational programme "Future Studies" of The Belgrade Open School. This year the Diploma Awarding Ceremony took place at the Museum of Yugoslav History as part of the conference Move.Link.Engage organized by The Belgrade Open School.

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13. Dec 2016.

On December 13th, Belgrade Open School organized a one-day training within the project “PRAKSAM – Introducing the youth to the world of work through internship placements”, intended for the representatives of all the companies involved in the project, who were delegated the roles of mentors.

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09. Dec 2016.

On Tuesday, December 6th, 2016, National Center of Euroguidance Network in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the fourth time organized a national Euroguidance conference “Career guidance and counseling in the Republic of Serbia". On this occasion, prizes and awards within the First National Euroguidance competition examples of good practice in the field of career guidance and counseling were awarded.

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06. Dec 2016.

November on the Programme "Future Studies" for the students of the XXIV generation began with an active discussion and lecture by professor Ivan Milenkovic on the topic Absence of critical thinking. With this lecture module Future of the State and Society began.

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