BOS TTF Support

Think Tank Fund Support to Belgrade Open School



Overall strategic goal is to develop better society based on freedom, knowledge and innovation. Belgrade Open School (BOS) continues to combine influence on policy making process, human resource development and strengthening institutions and organisations in a unique way. BOS improves policy making process, develops and implements public policies based on evidence or informed based policy solutions in two policy areas: youth employment policy and public administration reform policy.



1) Research Team Mentoring;

2) Strengthening Research Team Capacities;

3) Networking and Peer Cooperation;

4) Development of Framework for Better Communication and Outreach of BOS Policy Efforts;

5) Improvement of Existing Governance Structure of BOS;

6) Implementation of Communication Framework in Practice and Outreach of BOS Policy Efforts;

7) Testing the Functioning of Existing Governance Structure of BOS in Practice.


Open Society Institute Foundation provides a support through “Think Tank Fund” programme from 1st January of 2017 to 31st December of 2018.