16. Mar 2011.

Open Tender for preparation of programme and organisation of educational segment within six study visits to Brussels

Open Tender for preparation of programme and organisation of educational segment within six study visits to Brussels (each lasting for 5 days, period Monday-Friday) on:


-       EU Environmental Policy (one study visit, May 2011),

-       EU Rural Development Policy (one study visit, July 2011),

-       EU Energy Policy (two study visits, November 2011, June 2012),

-       EU Employment Policy (one study visit, January 2012) and 

-       Project Cycle Management in the EU Funded Projects (one study visit, April 2012) 


in the scope of the project


Strengthening Capacities of Serbian Administration for EU Accession

The project targets employees at Serbia’s local, regional, and central level of public administration, public companies, development agencies and other institutions of the Republic of Serbia. The project is prepared by the EU Integration Office of the Government of Serbia (SEIO) and the Belgrade Open School (BOS), as implementing partner, and is financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The overall project objective is to increase the competence of the Serbian local and regional public administration in the functioning and actual policies of the EU, and thus contribute to reforms and development of province of Serbia, and deepening the EU integration process. The project will be implemented trough five educational programmes: EU Environmental, EU Rural Development Policy, EU Energy Policy, EU Employment Policy, and the programme on Project Cycle Management in the EU funded projects.


After each Educational programme one week study trip to Brussels (for the purpose of which this tender is opened), will be organised in order to visit and meet representatives from the European institutions dealing with this policy, as well as experts and representatives from interested lobby organizations, with additional lectures held in between the meetings and visits.


Each of the five educational programmes and study trips to Brussels will be implemented in cooperation with contractors selected in open tender procedure.


Call for submission of offers for the six study visits to Brussels, is open until 4th April 2011!

Please find more information about the project activities (including tender dossier) and implementing partners on the following websites:






Tender dossier