07. Dec 2012.

Educational Program for Public Administration on negotiating Chapter 23 was realized

Centre for European integration of Belgrade Open School and Conrad Adenauer Foundation in cooperation with Government of Republic of Serbia’s European Integration Office have organized European Educational Program for Public Administration Officials. Training program has been realized on educational module: EU Negotiation Process – From Opening the Negotiations to Full–Fledge Membership of the European Union.

The goal of this educational module was strengthening state administration capacities on central level for future accession process challenges of Serbia to the European Union, and therefore giving contribution to the ongoing reform and deepening European integration process. Module has for its goal, as well, to strengthen existing network of public administration representatives on central level in order to have a better coordination and implementation of particular EU policies on negotiation chapters.

The educational program was held in period of 5th - 6th of December 2012 in premises of Government of Republic of Serbia’s European Integration Office and it was about Chapter 23 - Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.

During two days of interactive lectures, the educational module participants were introduced to experience of the state which has finished the negotiations on fundamental rights, fight against corruption and judicial reform most recently – Croatia. The negotiation process experience and advices were presented by Republic of Croatia team members on negotiating Chapter 23: Kristijan Turkalj, Luka Mađarić and Lana Letilović.

As a part of educational program, within its own section “Blog”, Centre for European integration has opened a special division concerning negotiation accession, where the whole negotiation process, negotiation structures, as well as numerous relevant documents have been presented.