Anti-corruption Student Network in South East Europe

Anti-corruption Student Network in South East Europe

From 2006 the Belgrade Open School is a member of Anti-Corruption Student Network in South East Europe, an international project, which is comprised, in addition to BOS’ Center for Development of Education, out of student organizations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Moldova. The project deals with the phenomenon of corruption in higher education, by exchanging of methodologies, tools for monitoring and combating corruption, as well as organising workshops and trainings for students.

Members of the Network are informing and raising awareness on corruption in higher education and advocating for institutional mechanisms to prevent corruption by organizing round tables, conferences and trainings to empower students in the fields of active participation in the reform process, decision-making in institutions of higher education, protection and practice of student rights, advocacy and lobbying. 

Anti-corruption Student Network in South East Europe members:

Within this project, CDE has conducted trainings on fight against corruption and reform of higher education, enabled students for active role in the process of reform, trained students on the subjects of protection of their rights, team work, public speaking, resaarch in the field of corruption, transparency, organized round tables, conferences and similar.

Publications "First Aid Kit for Higher Education - A Know How Guide for Student Research” (2011), and “U Jugoisto─Źnoj Evropi ništa novo” (2013, English version is in the process of publishing) are the most important outputs of this project.

15. Oct 2013.