Press Clipping

Press clipping is available in Serbian language only.

1. Not enough transparency on faculties in Serbia / Broadcasted by: TV Belle Amie

2. How much information is available on web pages of faculties? / Published by: TV Zona Plus

3. "F" for the University of Nis / Published by: Južne vesti

4. Representative of Belgrade Open School in "Context" program / Broadcasted by: Al Jazeera

5. Faculties unwillingly talk about spending of money taken from students / Published by: "Radio 021"

6. Faculties “failed” because of secret financial business / Published by: Večernje novosti

7. Presentation of the monitoring research of transparency / Broadcasted by Kanal 9

8. Conference "Transparency of Universities in Serbia", Novi Sad / Broadcasted by: RTV

9. CDE in National news / Broadcasted by: RTS

10. You can buy exam for 300 EUR in Serbia / Published by: B92

11. Impact on sellers of diploma and faculties which cheat students / Published by: Blic

12. Education market: you can buy diploma, exam, accreditation / Published by: Blic

13. New activity of professors plagiators: They are stealing papers of students, and then claim to be authors of those papers / Published by: Blic

14. The number of cheats on the exams is increasing / Broadcasted by: RTV

15. Research: Ten percent of  students paid for the exam, 50 percent cheats during their studies / Published by: Blic

16. Students would give demission to the professor in case of brieb / Published by: Politika

17. Corruption on faculties / Broadcasted by: PG Mreža

18. Research of Belgrade Open School in radio show "Talasanje - Šetnja" / Broadcasted by: RTS

19. The exam in Serbia costs 300 euro, money goes to middleman / Published by: Blic